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We would like to inform you that architecture & design studio WOŹNIAK PROJEKT, operating since 1995, specializes in industrial, commercial buildings, office, storage and public services objects. Our company prepares full-branch projects with approvals, which make possible the investment realization according to Polish building law. We use reasonable and economical design solutions. Our studio has hold in previous years also supervision in Investor’s name in most above executions in all branches. We guarantee to Investor: design execution and help in dealing all necessary approvals and permits on design stage, good quality and work on time. All team of WOŻNIAK PROJEKT company and our partners (working with us together since more than 20 years) have experience on design objects, i.e.


Herlitz I i II Baranowo
useable area - 10 000 m2

stationery factory, sale area with storage
Poznań - Pack (Fulda Verpackung Stabernack jr GmbH) - Sady
useable area - 3 500 2

cardboard packing factory
Schattdecor (Schattdecor - Thansau) - Tarnowo Podgórne
useable area III etapy - 18 700 m2
printing-house of furniture veneer with office part a high standard(2 300 m2)
Hans Grohe - Tarnowo Podgórne
useable area - 3 000 m2
office building with storage and montage hall with office part a high standard (1 500 m2)
Saueressig - Tarnowo Podgórne
useable area - 4 100 m2
production of painting forms and polymeric plates- with office part a high standard (1 200m2)
Brenntag Polska - Jankowice
useable area II etapy - 15 900 m2

distribution center of chemical materials - Jankowice-with office and laboratory part a high standard (650m2)
Urbidom - Wysogotowo
useable area - 4 500m2

storage – industrial center
Derform - Sady
space area - 2 800 m2

storage hall with office-social part
Friday Investments – Tarnowo Podgórne
space area - 1 600 m2

storage hall with office-social part



Pasaż Handlowy - Przeźmierowo
useable area - 3 000 m2

schopping arcade
Auchan - Swadzim k/Poznania
useable area - 30 000 m2

Auchan - Zielona Góra
useable area - 21 000 m2

Bricoman - Poznań
useable area - 6 400,0 m2

construction market
Leroy Merlin - Swadzim
useable area - 13 000 m2

construction market
Leroy Marlin - Poznań - Komorniki
useable area - 13 900 m2

construction market
Leroy Merlin - Swarzędz
useable area - 11 400 m2

construction market
Leroy Merlin - Złotniki - Suchy Las
useable area - 14 100 m2

construction market
Leroy Merlin - Wrocław
useable area - 13 900 m2

construction market
Leroy Merlin - Konin
useable area - 10 000m2

construction market
Leroy Merlin - Wrocław/Mirków
useable area - 14 900 m2

construction market
Galeria nad Jaziorem Zatorze - Konin
useable area - 20 000 m2

commerce and services center with cinema part, sport complex and pier
Polimenii International Gniezno - Gniezno
useable area - 15 700 m2

Galeria Gniezno – commerce and services center with cinema part
Polimenii International Ostrowiec - Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski
useable area - 19 300 m2

Galeria Ostrowiec – commerce and services center
Polimenii International Poznań - Poznań
useable area - 35 000 m2
space area - 100 000 m2

Galeria Hetman – commerce and services center building project 2006 – not realized
Polimenii International Słupsk - Słupsk
useable area - 6 600 m2
space area - 30 000 m2

Galeria Słupsk – commerce and services center
Polimeni International Rumia - Rumia k/Gdyni
useable area - 11 918,5 m2
space area - 38 023,0 m2

Galeria Rumia – commerce and services center with cinema part
Polimenii International Przemyśl - Przemyśl
useable area - 2 279,5 m2
space area - 7 833,9 m2

GaleriaPrzemyśl –commerce and services center
Polimenii International Częstochowa - Częstochowa
useable area - 5 600,0 m2
space area - 23 800,0 m2

Galeria Częstochowa–commerce and services center
Capital Park , Akron – Swarzędz/Poznań
useable area - 25 500,0 m2

ETC – commerce and services center
Gmina Tarnowo Podgórne
useable area - 2 500,0 m2

historic palace of XIX century-general renovation and revitalization of building and new hotel building
Gmina Tarnowo Podgórne
development of Lusowskie Lake areas, beach area - cubature and sport facilities
Immobell - Poznań
space area - 6 000 ,0 m2

A class office building, revitalization and reconstruction of the Okrąglak and Kwadraciak building in Poznan - historic buildings - full-service executive design with supervision. Executed under the control of the City Conservator of Monuments. Developed for BREEAM certificate investment.
Trei Real Estate – Vendo Park - Chodzież
space area - 4 500 ,0 m2

commerce and services center with an adaptation of the remains of the historic castle

We would like to invite you to co-operate with us by realization of your investment plans, architect Robert Woźniak

Tel. +48 61 652 58 58
fax : +48 61 652 58 55
Email: biuro@wozniakprojekt.pl